Bicycle Wood Sheds

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Bicycle Wood Sheds
Finding The Best Bicycle Wood Sheds

Being a cyclist, you know just how important it is to have a safe place to store your bicycles when not using them. Assuming you have the space and the money, wood sheds for bicycles are one of the safest places you can store your bikes.

We already sell bicycle sheds on here, so you may be asking yourself “What are the advantages of getting a wood shed over a standard plastic one?” Some of the big advantages and reasons people get wood bicycle sheds are:

  • More luxurious and appealing design
  • Strong resistance to weather and other elements of nature
  • Safe and secure place to store your bicycles

The advantages of wood storage sheds listed below is true for every shed we sell, but different bicycle wood sheds are better suited for different needs. Each wood bicycle shed has its own specific list of pros and cons, and taking this information into consideration when purchasing your very own wood shed can help you pick out the one that is best tailored for you and your needs.

General Information

Having a general area to store your bicycles is incredibly useful. Rather than having to lug your cycle around the house looking for a safe place to keep it, an outdoor shed can provide you with a safe and secure place to keep your bike while giving you peace of mind.

Most wood bicycle sheds have ample amount of room to not only store bikes, but also any riding equipment you use. Wood sheds provide superb protection from wind, rain, insects, snow and sun. Most of them can be locked.

Tips for Selecting the Best Bicycle Wood Shed

There are many factors that come into play when selecting your next wood bicycle shed. Sit down and figure out what matters to you the most. Do you favor a low cost over appearance? How important is the size of the shed to you?

The following categories below are here to help you figure out exactly just what you want to get out of your new wood bicycle shed.


This is one of the most important factors that comes into play when selecting a storage shed. How many bikes do you plan on storing in your wood shed? How much equipment do you have that also needs to be stored in it with you bike(s)?

Wood bicycle sheds come in many different sizes. Some you can walk into, some can hold two bikes and some just one.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike some of our portable storage sheds, most wood sheds are permanent. Although not incredibly difficult, wood sheds do take a bit more work to assemble than plastic sheds. Multiple people and some carpentry skills help, but are not required to assemble these.


Security is another important factor for your bike shed. Protecting your bike from the whether is critical, but protecting it from thieves is just as important!

Some sheds come with built-in locking mechanisms, while others can be locked with optional locks or padlocks. This is important to look into when choosing your wood shed.

Durability and Warranty

When buying a wood bicycle shed, make sure to take a look at how durable the shed is. What type of wood is it made out of? How strong is it? Will it hold up to the weather conditions in your area? Along with durability, also look into the warranty that comes with the shed. Each shed has a different warranty, so it’s important to understand how long the warranty lasts and exactly what it covers.


You’ll also want to consider what you’ll be able to hold in your shed. Yes, you’re obviously going to be storing your bicycle in it, but what else do you plan on keeping in it? Do you plan on storing multiple bikes in your shed? Biking equipment? Motorcycles? Gardening tools? Wood bicycle sheds are incredibly versatile and can be used to store a great number of things.

If you’re looking for something to store at home the new may wish to consider whether or not it can store anything else, such as anything you might using the garden, or basically any way of making use of the space

Ease of Use

Assuming you’re going to be filling up your new wood shed with a lot of items, you may also want to think about how easy it’s going to be to actually use. How easy is it going to be to put in and take out your bike when you go riding? Is it going to be easy to open and close the doors frequently when using your shed? These are all good things to think about.

Value for Money

The above categories are all important when it comes to selecting your new wood bicycle shed, but one of the most influential factors is price. Plan out your budget before shopping around to see exactly what you’ll be able to afford when selecting your wood shed.

Along with price, the actual value for your money is just as important. Wood sheds tend to cost a bit more than plastic sheds, but they’re also a bit more resistant and have a much more appealing appearance in your yard.

Check Out These Bicycle Wood Sheds Reviews

Storage Rack
Model Comments
Bicycle Wood Sheds
Leisure Season Medium Storage Shed The Leisure Season medium storage shed would make the perfect addition to any home where only one bike needs to be stored.

Leisure Season Medium Storage Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Leisure Season Extra Large Wood Shed (With Decay Resistant Coating) The Leisure Season Extra Large Wood Shed with it’s protective coating is a great option.

Leisure Season Extra Large Wood Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
SpaceSaver Wood Shed The Outdoor Living Today SpaceSaver wood bicycle shed looks great, is easy to put together and to access, and has lots of storage space.

SpaceSaver Wood Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Bosmere Bicycle Wood Shed The Bosmere Bicycle Wood Shed has a very large interior, extra wide doors and a solid weatherproofing.

Bosmere Bicycle Wood Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Cedar Shed If you need a place to store your bike, but don’t have a lot of yard space, this Cedar shed worth taking a look at.

Cedar Shed 8 x 3 ft. Yardsaver Storage Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Arrow Woodhaven WH Storage Shed The Woodhaven Arrow Storage Shed is a large, spacious and sturdy wood shed for your bikes and other equipment.

Woodhaven Arrow Storage Shed

Bicycle Wood Sheds
Merax Medium Sized Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed The Merax Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed has a sleek design and stained natural wood look.

Woodhaven Arrow Storage Shed


Where To Buy Wood Sheds?

If you are interested in buying wood sheds you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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