Steel Storage Shed

This Steel Storage Shed is large and heavy duty, and provides the option to store mmultiple bicycles. Due to the size and capabilities of this storage shed, as well as the high cost, it is perhaps best suited for commercial use. Let’s take a look at what it can do.

Steel Storage Shed

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  • Large size
  • Rack to attach bicycle locks.


  • Expensive
  • Not easy to assemble

So How Good is The Steel Storage Shed?


This is a very large bicycle storage shed and amongst the largest on the market. Overall, the dimensions are 91”x120”x96 (height, width, depth). It has an open-faced design, which gives it an even roomier feel.

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Easy to Assemble

The Steel Storage Shed is delivered unassembled, so you will need to put it together before use. The construction is relatively simple, with it largely being a case of fixing a few screws in place. However, due to the size of the bicycle shed, it requires at least two people to put it together and can involve a little bit of heavy lifting.

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Due to the open-faced, three-sided nature of this product, it is not possible to lock the storage shed. However, it comes with bicycle racks to help store any bicycles, and they can be attached to this using any regular bicycle chain or d-lock. The shed itself is a fairly solid piece of equipment and includes lag plates for an extra security.

In fact, the main purpose of the product would be to offer a secure way of fixing bicycles in place, and may be used by firms, schools or other small establishments for the security it provides.

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Durability and Warranty

This is a very sturdy product indeed and is made primarily out of steel, so you can be sure that it is very robust. As a permanent fixture, you would expect it to be stable and capable of withstanding a lot, and that is exactly what you get. When purchased through most e-Stores, this product comes with a basic warranty.

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The size of the Steel Storage Shed means that it can be used with just about any bicycle that you may have. It could even be used with mopeds and motorbikes, although those with wider wheels may struggle to fit in the bike rack, although, if they have a stand, then that’s not a problem

It has enough space to hold several bicycles. Although there is enough space in the cycle rack for more cycles, to fit them in comfortably will mean sacrificing one or two spaces, but should still be enough room for around 8 to 10 bicycles, depending on their size.

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Ease of Use

Being a spacious bicycle shed, it is particularly easy to wheel a bike in and out. The rack into which the wheel goes is relatively wide so it is simply a case of positioning it and attaching a lock, if you are using one.

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Value for Money

There can be no doubting the quality of this product. It is a sturdy piece of kit that is capable of accommodating several cycles. It is not the kind of bicycle shed that most people would necessarily purchase for personal use, such as at their homes. Instead, it is best suited for public use.

Individuals could most likely purchase something small and less expensive to suit their needs better, whereas, other products on the market are unlikely to suit a small business or community project or whatever other public use this may be employed with. So, for an individual it is unlikely to offer great value for money. However, this product would offer much better value for money for non-individuals. At more than $2000 though, its value for money is slightly stretched.

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Final Verdict

Steel Storage Shed

Overall, the Steel Storage Shed would be ideally suited to something like a small school or other public facility, for which it is great. When used for this purpose, it offers a solid and secure way of storing bicycles. It may be let down slightly by its high cost though.

So, is this Steel Storage Shed is the best Bicycle Storage Shed? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Size 5.0
Easy to Assemble 3.0
Security 4.5
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Applications 4.5
Ease of Use 4.5
Value for Money 3.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The Steel Storage Shed

The best place to buy the Steel Storage Shed, as well as many other bicycle storage sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

Steel Storage Shed

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