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Bicycle Storage Racks
Bicycle Storage Racks
Selected Floor Bicycle Storage Racks

There are various reasons that people have for wanting to purchase floor bicycle storage racks (or free standing bicycle racks). The following are just a few examples of reasons:

  • To organise a storage space
  • To keep a bike in a secure position to prevent damage to itself or things around it
  • To be able to lock the bicycle up whilst stored

There are several options to choose from if you are looking to buy floor bicycle storage racks. Each one may meet the following requirements above, with varying degrees of success, as well as offering other advantages – as well as disadvantages.

Tips for Selecting Floor Bicycle Storage Racks

To assist you in making the right choice, it can be a very good idea to make a note of why you actually want a floor bicycle storage rack and what you hope it can offer you. This will make it easier to determine whether or not a product will be suitable for you and, therefore, whether it is worth considering purchasing it.

There may also be some things that you do not necessarily consider at first though. Below is a list of a few things that may help you to find the right product for you.


As well as looking for a product that enables you to store bicycles, you may also be looking for something that offers a little bit of extra security. Some storage racks may enable you to lock your bicycle to them - whether this is by design or not. Equally, others may have other features but lack the ability to properly secure a bicycle. This could be something to bear in mind if security is on your list of requirements.

Durability and Warranty

Floor bicycle racks can be quite varied and this includes how durable they may be. You will most likely what something that is relatively durable, although, some may be more durable than you require which, in itself, is not necessarily a huge problem; however, this could be reflected in the price. It can also be worth seeing if there are any special benefits with the warranty, if there is one, or whether it is just something basic.


One of the main things to consider here may well be how many bicycles the rack can accommodate.

If you are looking to purchase a rack to hold your family's bicycles then you want something that can hold several cycles which may either mean that some are unsuitable or would require multiple purchases of the same product. Equally, you may not want something that is designed for several bicycles if you only need to store one or two bikes.

Another thing to consider is what bicycles it is designed for, which can include things like whether or not it can be used with wide tyres or other such things.

Ease of Use

On the whole, most bicycle storage racks are easy enough to use, so this may not necessarily be the biggest concern that you have when choosing one. However, there may be one or two things to consider; for example, is there any heavy lifting involved? Or, is it a free standing or permanent device or do you need to set it up or do anything before you can use it.

Value for Money

Last, but by no means least, you will want to consider the value for money. This is fairly straightforward and involves determining whether or not it may be in your price range, as well as considering whether what you get is worth the money that you are paying or are there other models that are worth considering that provide a better value.

Check out These Quality Floor Bicycle Storage Racks

Storage Rack
Model Comments
Bicycle Storage Racks
Dual Bicycle Parking Stand It is a sturdy and attractive unit with few drawbacks. Not for bikes with wide tires

Dual Bicycle Parking Stand

Bicycle Storage Racks
Ibera Utility Bicycle Stand A lightweight and portable rack.It is not a bad product but don't expect it to be amazing.

Ibera Utility Bicycle Stand

Bicycle Storage Racks
Delta Seurat Two Bike Floor Stand A bit wobbly and unstable. Not so easy to assemble. Not the best floor bicycle rack.

Delta Seurat Two Bike Floor Stand

Bicycle Storage Racks
Gearup OakRak Storage Rack A decent product. Not stable enought and propensity to fall over. Best suited to anyone that is looking for storage of more than 2 bicycles.

Gearup OakRak Storage Rack

Bicycle Storage Racks
Racor Gravity Two Bike Stand A highly mobile, freestanding unit. Can accommodate up to two bicycles. Can be also wall mounted.

Racor Gravity Two Bike Stand

Bicycle Storage Racks
Racor Pro Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand This floor rack has been designed to accommodate and store up to four bikes even in a compact space.

Racor Pro Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Bicycle Storage Racks
Swagman 3 Bike Stand This stand offers an easy and more convenient way of keeping your bikes off the floor and in an upright position.

Swagman 3 Bike Stand

Swagman Park City Bike Rack
Swagman Park City Bike Rack This city bike rack can accommodate up to six bikes with different tire sizes.

Swagman Park City Bike Rack

Hollywood 6 Bike Parking Valet
Hollywood 6 Bike Parking Valet This easy to assemble, weather resilient garage parking valet can park up to 6 bikes at one time.

Hollywood Racks PS6 Parking Valet 6

Hollywood Garage Bicycle Storage
Hollywood Garage Bicycle Storage This heavy duty, innovative commercial garage bicycle storage rack offers a versatile parking and storage solution up to ten bikes.

Hollywood Racks Dual Use 5-10 Bike Garage Bicycle Storage

Bicycle Parking Rack From Cycling Deal
Bicycle Parking Rack From Cycling Deal You can choose to assemble this bicycle parking rack to accommodate up to five bikes or reduce the number of slots.

5 Bike Bicycle Parking Rack


Where To Buy Bicycle Storage Racks?

If you are interested in buying bicycle storage racks you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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