BikeParka Bicycle Cover

The BikeParka Bicycle Cover comes in pavement Grey and offers deeply attractive and snug looking bicycle cover. As well as looking great, it also offers fantastic protection based on the high quality of materials that it is made with. The high degree of protection it offers makes it most appealing for those looking for a hihe quality bicycle cover.

BikeParka Bicycle Cover

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  • UPF50+ and other great weather protection features
  • Snug, fitted design
  • Large size


  • Not cheap (still good value for money...)

So How Good is The BikeParka Bicycle Cover?


The BikeParka–Style Stash bicycle cover measures 205 cm x 125 cm. This large size, coupled with a tailored design and the elasticity of the material helps to make it a one size fits all option when it comes to bicycle covers. So it is ideal for just about any kind of regular bicycle.

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This bicycle cover is particularly impressive when it comes to weatherproofing and uses a polyurethane coating to ensure that it offers maximum protection from both the wind and rain. It is easy to see how well made the product is and, to prevent the seepage of water, this bicycle cover is fully seam taped. Furthermore, the polyester Ripstop fabric that it is made from is able to prevent any stretching resulting from pooled water that may otherwise occur with bicycle covers made from nylon.

As well as protection against the rain and wind, protection is also available from sun damage. It has a UPF50+ value, offering maximum protection against UV damage, thus preventing against colour fading. Altogether, the weatherproofing features of this bicycle cover are amongst the best around.

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Durability and Warranty

The high quality of fabric that is used in the construction of this bicycle cover means that it is particularly durable. The extra degree of elasticity that is built into the material, coupled with the Ripstop properties associated with fabric, gives it the edge over many other bicycle covers in that it is less likely to be damaged.

There is no warranty attached with the BikeParka Bicycle Cover; however, the sturdy design means that it is unlikely that you would need one. BikeParka do, however, suggest that the material can be easily mended using any tent repair kit in the unlikely event of damage occurring.

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This is a straightforward bicycle cover that is specifically designed with the protection of bikes in mind. Whilst, with its large size, it may be possible to accommodate multiple cycles, it is only designed to offer protection for one and is best not to risk damaging the product by attempting to use it for anything more than that.

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Ease of Use

This is as easy to use as any other bicycle cover. It stretches over the bicycle that you wish to protect and has an elasticated band towards the bottom to help keep it in place. Furthermore, it comes with a handy sized Stuff Sac which is useful if you are going on a trip.

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Value for Money

This is one of the best bicycle covers on the market. It offers excellent weatherproofing facilities and can be used for just any bicycle, which means that even if you should replace your cycle, you can still use your bicycle cover. However, this high standard doesn’t necessarily come cheaply in terms of bicycle covers, with this particular one being towards the higher end of the price range. Despite of its high price, the value for money is still very good due to the high quality of the product.

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Final Verdict

BikeParka Bicycle Cover

The BikeParka Bicycle Cover is a fantastic product and it is certainly worth considering. Just about the only drawback is the price; however, with the protection it offers, this could certainly be worth the money.

So, is this BikeParka Bicycle Cover is the best Bicycle Cover? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Size 5.0
Weatherproof 5.0
Durability and Warranty 4.0
Applications 4.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Value for Money 4.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The BikeParka Bicycle Cover

The best place to buy the BikeParka Bicycle Cover, as well as many other bicycle covers is one of these trusted online stores:

BikeParka Bicycle Cover

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