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Bicycle Covers
Which is the best Bicycle Cover?

various factors may cause you to either need or simply desire a bicycle cover. The following are a selection of common examples:

  • To protect a bicycle from the elements
  • To protect a bicycle from scratches and avoid cosmetic damage
  • To protect a bicycle from a variety of substances, including bird droppings

Ultimately, the main reason for most people for purchasing a bicycle cover is for some sort of protection. Therefore, this will be something to factor in when choosing which bicycle cover to buy. However, there can be a multitude of other advantages and disadvantages to bear in mind too.

General Information

Bicycle covers usually come in several different sizes and shapes. They can be a one-size-fits-all version, or they can be much more custom to specific bicycles. Some covers even offer locking systems to protect bicycles from being stolen while they protect them from the weather and the elements. It’s important to determine what are your needs before you purchase a cover for your bike.

Tips for Selecting Bicycle Covers

To help you decide which bicycle cover to purchase, it is worth considering what it is that you are looking for from a bicycle cover and, therefore, what would be best for you. It is worth taking a look at what each bicycle cover has to offer. Once you have an idea of what is important and what you expect and want from bicycle cover, choosing the right one for you becomes a lot simpler


An obvious consideration is how big it may be. The last thing you want to do is buy a bicycle cover only to find that it is not big enough for the bicycle that you intend to use it with. It could be the best bicycle cover in the world, but if it does not fit your bicycle then essentially it is as good as useless to you.


Another major consideration will be what weatherproof features it has. Once you know that the product will be big enough for your needs, for many people, whether or not a bicycle cover is weatherproof– and to what extent– will be the next biggest consideration.

It may be that you just want something to protect your bike from the sunshine; therefore, it might not be worth paying extra money for something that is highly waterproof - or vice versa. At the same time, if you do want something waterproof and you intend to use it in an area where it rains a lot, then you will probably want something that offers the kind of protection that will stand up to a downpour, instead of just a little bit of moisture.

The main things you might want to consider here are whether the cover offers protection from the following:

  • Rain - if so, then how good? Is it merely splash-proof or will it survive a torrent of rain?
  • Sun–does it offer any UV protection?
  • Dust - can it protect your bicycle from dust?

Durability and Warranty

Another thing to consider is how durable the cover may be. Is it just some flimsy thing or something more heavy-duty? It is worth bearing in mind that some of them can have a lightweight quality to them yet still be very durable.

Not only will the durability of the cover give you an idea of how long it may last; durability can also indicate the level of protection the cover may offer your bike from scratches or other such damage.

It can also be worth noting whether or not there is a warranty attached, and what this entails.


Obviously, you would expect that a bicycle cover offers protection to a bicycle. However, you may also consider how many bicycles - is it for just one, or can you use it for multiple bicycles? It may be that is designed specifically for a certain type bicycle, such as a mountain bike. In addition, you may want to consider using it to cover other types of equipment, such as mopeds or motorbikes.

Ease of Use

Most bicycle covers should be fairly easy to use, but it is worth bearing in mind. Keep in mind that it is not just how easy it is to put on, but whether there are any other features, such as Velcro, straps, hooks or buckles to help keep it fixed in place.

Value for Money

Finally, just as with any purchase, does the bicycle cover offer value for money. Essentially, you want to consider all of the answers to the categories above and consider this against its price. Are you getting a good deal for the amount of money that you are spending? The price of covers ranges from about $12.99 to around $49.99– so it is worth comparing this against the quality of the cover and what you get for your money.

Check out Bicycle Covers Reviews

Model Comments
Bicycle Covers
Avenir Nylon Bicycle Cover Relatively simple yet cost-effective form of protection for bicycle. It has a reasonable price. Designed mainly for mountain bikes.

Avenir Nylon Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Covers
Kloud Waterproof Bicycle Cover Relatively large and easy to use bicycle cover. Has a range of good weatherproofing features, as well as coming with a free cleaning.

Bicycle Cover By Kloud

Bicycle Covers
Kloud Polyester Waterproof Bicycle Cover A fairly standard bicycle cover, ideal for anyone looking for a low-cost form of basic protection for bicycle or mopeds.

KLOUD City waterproof bicycle cover

Bicycle Covers
Topeak Cover A good choice for anyone looking for a high quality bicycle cover. Great in practically every area. Designed to be used with 29" frames.

Topeak Cover Uv Proof

Bicycle Covers
BikeParka Bicycle Cover Offers high degree of protection and deeply attractive and snug looking bicycle cover. Can only fit one bicycle.

BikeParka Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Covers
White Lightning Bike Cover Being able to zip it up and fully enclose a bicycle makes this cover stand out as one of the best covers available.

White Lightning Bike Cover

Bicycle Covers
RV Bike Cover The Overdrive RV Bike Cover from Classic Accessories offers a new and stylish way of packing your bikes behind your RV.

RV Bike Cover

Bicycle Covers
YardStash Bicycle Cover The Yardstash bicycle cover is bigger is better! Full weather protection and complete coverage.

YardStash Bicycle Cover XL

Bicycle Covers
ADCO Universal Polyester Bicycle Cover This heavy duty polyester bicycle cover will fit perfectly on almost all types of bikes.

ADCO Polyester Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Covers
Rear Transport Bicycle Cover This rear transport bicycle cover is designed to accommodate three to four bikes.

Skinz Protective Gear Rear Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Covers
Rear Transport Bicycle Cover with Light Kit This cover for bicycle uses cinch locks and buckle straps that are far easier to use than pull-string locks.

Skinz Rear Transport Cover for Bicycle


Where To Buy Bicycle Covers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle covers you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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  1. I need a cover for a vertical bike rack for two bikes. Here is the URL for the company that is making me a rack for my rv for my two bikes and two kayaks. I want to cover both bikes, but have openings in the covers for locks to pass thru to the rack.!kayak-rack-with-bicycle-attachment/c11j0 Any suggestions?

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