YardStash III


The new YardStash III is built based on the good results of the best selling and best rated YardStash II but incorporates newer features for remarkable outdoor storage and security from the elements. Constructed from tough, high quality, weather resistant and UV protected components, this storage shed offers premium quality innovative outdoor storage space, parking pace for your bicycles. It can fit two adult bikes with enough room to spare for other things. You can also use this to store your pool supplies, gardening and other outdoor equipment, kid’s toys and many more.

The space saving design of Yard Stash III is complete with built in floor, full-size zip locking door and fifteen minute set-up makes this outdoor storage shed a fantastic alternative to traditional sheds, plastic bike covers and cheap storage tents not to mention low quality plastic storage boxes.

YardStash III


  • Affordable for its size and features
  • Heavy duty and weather resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • May require some help to assemble

So How Good is The YardStash III?


The overall dimension of this storage shed is 74 x 30 x 65 inches allowing you to store up to two adult bikes leaving enough room for other items and equipment.

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Yard Stash III uses a waterproof polyester body tarp fully integrated to its interior weather proof coating. Its vinyl tarpaulin roofing system also comes with UPF 50+ protection.

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Easy to Assemble

This is probably one of the easiest storage sheds to assemble. Assembly and installation will not take more than fifteen minutes with the help of the manual guide inclusive in the package.

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When it comes to security, this may not be as secure as the traditional sheds made of wood and other materials. The Yard Stash III only have zip lock similar to tents.

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Durability and Warranty

The Yard Stash is made from heavy duty rip stop, vinyl tarpaulin roof complete with UPF 50+ protection for additional defense from the harmful sun rays. This also features a more durable polyester body tarp adhered to interior weather proof coating. This features a limited warranty with additional product return guarantee if Yard Stash fails to meet your expectation.

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The Yard Stash III is perfect for storing up to two adult sized bikes outdoors as well as other equipment. Easily store, arrange and protect your gears and equipment to claim back valuable space in your garage, yard, deck or other living spaces outdoors.

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Value for Money

With a price point of $129.99, you can enjoy a huge price cut compared to /outdoor-storage-shed/">Lifetime outdoor storage shed. Of course there is a major difference in terms of materials and quality but if you are looking for a cost effective storage shed, you may consider your options with YardStash III.

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Final Verdict

YardStash III

Not only is the YardStash III very cost effective, but it also provides innovative storage solution so you can reclaim valuable space in your garage, yard or living room. This can easily store up to two adult sized bikes which is a lot better than using a bike cover which costs almost the same.

So, is this YardStash III Storage Shed is the best bicycle portable storage shed? - find out by yourself:

Size 4.0
Waterproof 4.0
Easy to Assemble 5.0
Security 4.0
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Applications 4.5
Value for Money 4.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The YardStash III Storage Shed

The best place to buy the YardStash III Storage Shed, as well as many other bicycle portable storage sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

YardStash III

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