ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed


The ShelterLogic bicycle shed is nice and lightweight. It comprises a sturdy frame, covered with a waterproof cover that can keep bicycles, or many other items, in a dry and covered environment. It offers a practical and affordable storage solution that can easily be put together when needed, or used as a semi-permanent constructin.

ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed


  • Portable design for semi-permanent use
  • Easy to put together when needed


  • The thin material means it is not too secure

So How Good is The ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed?


The ShelterLogic provides a range of different sized storage sheds and, at 72”x72”x78”, this particular one is one of the smallest in the range, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there won’t be plenty of space–it is actually quite a spacious shed.

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The canvas wrap is made from 6 oz. heavy duty polyethylene cover which is more resistant to cracks. This material is a lot better and more waterproof compared to ordinary canvas. Because of its thicker cover, you are guaranteed not to have any water seeping in during heavy rains.

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Easy to Assemble

It is a pretty straightforward to put together and, best of all, considering its dimensions, it can be assembled easily enough by one person. There are a series of interconnecting 1-3/8 inch steel tubes that combine to make a sturdy frame.

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One area that this product may be slightly lacking is when it comes to security. The double-sipper front door panel offers the opportunity to attach a padlock; however, there isn’t any special features geared up towards security. One of the reasons for this could be that, seeing as it is made out of a material that is easy enough to cut through, any heightened security could end up being a waste of effort.

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Durability and Warranty

The ShelterLogic bicycle shed is a particularly durable product. The frame is made from 1-3/8 steel tubes that provide an especially strong frame. The ShelterLock stabilizers that come with the storage shed help to ensure the product maintains a robust and stable form. The cover is made from a high-quality and rugged material, so can withstand quite a lot.

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This storage shed can be used for many different things, as well as bicycles. If you were to use it for bicycles, then there is enough room to accommodate bikes owned by the average family; although it can also store motorbikes, lawnmowers, snowmobiles or all kinds of other equipment that one might ordinarily store in a shed or storage unit.

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Value for Money

There are various models in this series of storage tents. This particular one is available for a decent price and makes it one of the lowest costing options for anyone looking for an easy way to store bicycles or other outdoor equipment.

It may not be the most sophisticated Bicycle Portable Storage Shed on the market, nor is it the biggest. However, for the purposes that it provides, it is an excellent option. With the low price of the unit, this has to be one of the best storage sheds available in terms of value for money.

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Final Verdict

ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed

The ShelterLogic bicycle shed is a great shed and is really good value for money. For anyone looking for a cost-effective way to provide storage without constructing a potentially costly permanent installation, this offers an excellent solution. It has a variety of applications, besides storing bicycles, so it is very to get your money’s worth from the product.

So, is this ShelterLogic bicycle shed is the best bicycle portable storage shed? - find out by yourself:

Size 4.0
Waterproof 4.0
Easy to Assemble 4.5
Security 3.0
Durability and Warranty 3.5
Applications 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed

The best place to buy the ShelterLogic bicycle shed, as well as many other bicycle portable storage sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

ShelterLogic Bicycle Shed

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