Ceiling Bicycle Storage Ideas

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Selected Ceiling Bicycle Storage Ideas

One problem that many cyclists face is how and where to store their bicycles. There are many options available; however, not all of these are so practical, so finding the right solution for you can depend on you circumstances and the space that you have available. One of these options is the use of a ceiling storage rack and may be a consideration for people for many reasons, such as:

  • For people with high ceilings that feel the space could be better utilised
  • For people that lack the space for an outdoor unit
  • For people that have limited space

Tips for Selecting the Best Ceiling Bicycle Storage Rack

A ceiling bicycle storage unit may not be for everybody, but if you have a storage area or room with a high ceiling, then it could turn out to be the ideal solution to your storage needs.

Of course, as with any purchase, including one to meet your bicycle storage needs, it is worth considering what your requirements are.

If you know what requirements you have, then it makes it easier to weigh up the pros and cons of a particular model and, therefore, whether or not it may be suited to your needs. The following guide gives an idea of what to look out for when making a decision and should simplify your considerations when making a purchase, as well as hopefully enabling you to make the best choice for you.

Maximum Ceiling Height

This is an important consideration when it comes to purchasing a ceiling storage rack and could have a great influence on whether or not the product will be of use to you. Of course, when suspending a bicycle from the ceiling, you want it to be high enough up that it is out of the way. Furthermore, you also want to be sure that the rack will be sufficient long enough that you can use it.

Maximum Capacity

Another important consideration is the capacity that the ceiling bicycle storage rack can hold. If you have a particularly heavy bicycle then you will want to be sure that the rack can support it. If it is not sufficient then it could end up being a waste of money or, worse still, lead to some kind of accident.

Durability and Warranty

When suspending a bicycle from the ceiling, you will most likely want to know that the product is of a reasonable quality, which means it being durable enough to meet your needs. From the rope to the rack attachments, it can be important to have a strong product.


Generally, the applications of ceiling bicycle storage racks are quite straight forward - they enable you to suspend a bicycle from the ceiling.

However, it can be worth considering if there is any particular application to an individual product that may be of use. Equally, it is worth being sure that it will work with your particular bicycle.

Ease of Use

When purchasing a bicycle storage rack that is ceiling-mounted, you may want to consider how easy it is to use. If it is going to be a struggle to hoist the bicycle up, then it may not be ideal for you - particularly if you suffer from a bad back or a similar condition that could making hoisting the bike a problem.

Value for Money

Finally, having considered all of the other criteria, it is worth applying this to the cost of the product to determine whether or not you will be getting good value for money. Considering the products can range in price from under $20 to closer to $100, it is worth looking at what you actually get for your money and whether or not spending more or less is worth it.

Check out Ceiling Bicycle Storage Rack Reviews

Storage Rack
Model Comments
Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Rad Mount Ladder Storage Rack Excellent rack for storing a single bicycle overhead. Has a decent price and a lifetime warranty

Ceiling Storage Rack By Rad

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Racor Ceiling Utility Organizer Doesn't have the highest capacity, nor the best quality, but quite cheap. A reasonable option.

Bicycle Overhead Storage By Racor

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Kettler Spezi Bicycle Lifter Uses an easy to use pulley system to lift hoist your bicycle up. Cost at the highest end.

Bicycle Lifter By Kettler

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Idirectmart Garage Ceiling Rack Limited maximum capacity, high maximum ceiling height. It is mainly the price that lets it down.

Idirectmart Garage Ceiling Rack

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
RAD Cycle Bike Lift Hoist Wonderful ceiling bicycle storage solution for those living in small apartments with limited storage area for their bikes.

RAD Cycle Bike Lift Hoist

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Garage Gator Motorized Storage System A motorized storage system that can carry up to 220 pounds maximum load!

Garage Gator Motorized Storage System

Ceiling Bicycle Storage
Racor PHL-1R Platform Storage A roof mounted garage ceiling bicycle storage rack that raises or lowers the platform for easy access.

Racor PHL-1R Platform Storage


Where To Buy Ceiling Bicycle Storage Solutions?

If you are interested in buying ceiling bicycle storage solutions you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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